The Evolution Program

We offer the distilled essence of Yogic sciences with pranic diet, siddha and ayurveda, panchakarma and massages and various activities to give you an experience of a whole new dimension of wellbeing. We conduct these Yoga tours at very prestine and highly engerized places in India

Immediate benefits

You will experience a sudden ease in body, mind & energies, a new level of spiritual wellness will enter your life. So any disease will find a sudden relief. You will see that stress is not natural, it's our creation and just evaporates. A sudden increase in energies & higher coordination heightens your efficiency & reduces your sleep quota.

Long term benefits

A regular practice of the module may get you out of a chronic ailment you have been suffering for a long time. Your way of looking at a situation will change drastically, thereby making you a problem solver. As a human being, your talent and potential will evolve to the next level and therefore you will be able to truly appreciate these Yoga tour and Wellness programs

Beyond physical realm

Your experience of life can shift to another Spiritual dimension. You will be able to perceive things in its true depth. The experience of oneness will change your relationships with yourself and with the surrounding without the unnecessary burden of moral teaching.

Our Recent Retreat at Bandhavgarh, India

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Get drunk on life

Monsoon Forest,
Bandhavgarh , M.P


Bandhavgarh Retreat Participant

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Evolution Retreats
Evolution Retreats