Evolution Retreats:
Launched in 1994, Asian Adventures holds a unique expertise in arranging well-organised and value-for-money tours.
With a repertoire of many popular and some great off-beat destinations in this great country, they assure their guests a safe, happy and memorable holiday experience, every single time.
They have a string of Wildlife and Himalayan Lodges spread across India. What's more, they take care of all logistics like airport transfers, accommodation, travel, boarding, lodging, guides and permits. They even have their own fleet of vehicles and expert guides to take care of every aspect of their guests' experience.

Panchabhuta is an endeavor to embed the essence of Yoga in human life. They organize workshops for every age group and profession. And have dedicated their life in digging out the living process from the every kind and deliver it to the people who need it. Their modules address the health needs in children, students, professionals, pregnant ladies, senior citizens etc. There are specific modules for every disease condition as well.

vision & values

The most important thing a person can do in his life is to help the other life reach to his/her ultimate wellbeing. Through evolution we have devoted ourselves to the wellbeing of each and every life.

The Sanskrit word for health is 'swasthya'. This word literally means," stabilized within himself". The real health is achieve only one gets established within himself. This has always been the most revered aspect in this culture.

Whatever the achievement of life, but a time comes in the lives of every individual where he/she wants to transcend. This culture always kept transcendence as the highest goal of life. No matter what you do but consciously or unconsciously you must move towards the ultimate wellbeing. This yogic culture was weaved in such fashion. We have lost most of that understanding over time.

Through Evolution we are trying to revive the most intelligent way to conduct our life. We want that it gets revived to its real glory.


The People behind the Evolution Programme

- Rajeev Ranjan
- Mohit Aggarwal

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Evolution Retreats
Evolution Retreats