Teeming life in the silence of woods of Bandhavgarh
Once you start walking in these silent woods of Bandhavgarh forests, you will see how the stillness and silence of this place overpowers you. It will bind you to its devastating divinity and grip you to its showers of aliveness. You can walk these forests either as a wildlife enthusiast or as a seeker of life and beyond. To both these forests serve a directory of thrills and lessons.
These forests are perfect examples expression of divine procreation as a smug of richness of flora and fauna and also as an ecstasy of stillness. Looking at the same aliveness and distinction that this place offers ,this place boasting its caliber of being a perfect abode of yoga.
From the time immemorial, the ones who renounced their homes in the search of the ultimate or god purposefully stepped and stayed in the dense forests like these as such spaces are high in etheric content and serve as a perfect ambience of any spiritual process and progression. Looking at this magnificent self consecrated spaces like these forests pulled us to organize the Yoga retreats in these lush green cots of Bandhavgarh National Parks.
Not even one aspect of life is missed around in this area that acts as a perfect support to ones steps ahead for spiritual unpliftment.
To sprawl in life, Evolution invites you to Monsoon Forest at Bandhavgarh where we conduct the Yoga Retreats by offering and expounding upon the ancient Yogic methods and technologies of wellbeing to enhance your overall experience of life and also to keep you high up with the fringe benefits through the walks and safaris to explore the wilds in this rich forest.