The Himalayan Lust…Why Himalayas?

These mountains are not just mountains but the peaks reaching out to divine. Saying them just mountains would be obviously inferior to its immeasurable transcendence. From the time immemorial these Lustful miracles of divine have been abode of several mystics and Yogis. These mountains have been home for even other beings who renounced to seek divine and the truth of life.
These mountains are surely the towering presence of the unrivalled grace than any other place ever found. Being the home of those who were willing to die and blessed to be born again to truth, "The Dwijas or the enlightened ones", these elevated cradles of divine still are alive with their imprints of the wisdom and energies.
The truth is that every one seeks; every one seeks the love of the ultimate love. Those with firm yearning seek intensely; seek the love of life, lust of life, truth of life. And pathways of Himalayas are surely leading to the womb of the ultimate love.
Ensuring the same to be experienced by masses , making the mountains not just the place but experiencing their capability of infusing this intensity to seek beyond, We present to you the experiential opportunity to dwell in the heart of Himalayas in our the Yoga Retreats.

Tanya Kumar