Celebration needs no reason. Why to then look for one?
Any celebration is nurture to the spirit. It is life full, up to its brink and overflowing. ..If you see clearly, the whole life is a celebration and you are capable to make it so. But we have a silly habit of postponing and limiting our celebrations to some days of the year.
Jumping back in life, if you see, every moment is a celebration. If you are capable of making one moment of joy it means you are capable of making every moment of joy. Life is just a huge of bulk of moments. Hence making life joyous is not a labor task or nothing to aspire for.
Don't aspire to be happy, celebrative. Just aspire to be alive, more and more alive. Hence celebration is just a gifted consequence. Life is celebration. Life is music and once you are alive, dancing every moment and passing through life is a feast.
From a morning cup of tea to the sun drenching afternoons, from the evening walks through the greens to the moonlit nights, every act can a blissful expression. The gateway to it is just to be in the moment, fully awake, fully alive. Awake to see the celebrations expressed by the being. Alive to live it to its fullest.
 Whole existence is in ecstasy, celebrating. Only in celebration there is a one with the existence. Only in celebration there is a Life. Only in celebration there is a freedom. Only In celebration we meet the ultimate, the eternal.

Tanya Kumar