"Open your eyes in in the garden of mystical
Eyes of being awake
Eyes of being love
To see with these eyes
Everything is beautiful
When beholder is love"
Ask yourself once if you still think you can remove love from beauty and beauty from love.
If something is beautiful, you will love it..
If you love something, it becomes beautiful…
But if you become love itself, everything is beautiful…
One doesn't have to yearn to be in love, one is love. Love is what you are. It's your very nature. When you 'simply be' in the present. When you are grounded in the present, you will see that gradually you will become very tender. When you stay in this tenderness, you simply dive into it…from your body to your mind and emotions become all tender and sensitive. You start feeling all the waves of beauty of life in and around you. You become love and everything around is utterly beautiful.
From the morning sunrise, to the drops of dew…. The taste of your morning coffee to your sunny balcony time… watching the earthlings to new baby leaves.. From the waving tail of a dog to a glorious smile of a street kid… everything becomes beautiful. All this seems no less than a deep love affair with life around you.
If you keep yourself open and willing, if you live here knowing your place in the existence, then you are no more alone, you become one with the existence. Your heart starts opening up and every act of life to everything around is a sheer act of beauty and intimacy.

Tanya Kumar