-Nature, a crammed state of divinity..
Stepping in the great green kingdom of nature creates a sudden arousal of liveliness in us. That sun rising out , greeting a new day's beginning, lush green forests, vast still lakes and endless sky renews serenity and equanimity in us. This is not so just like that. It has a very deep connect with who we are and the nature around us.
If you step in a pristine forest or a great mountainous space and sit there with your eyes , you will find no difference between sitting in a temple and such a place. Being in the laps of nature is just like being in the laps of divinity. There is phenomenal energy in such spaces that supports the entire life process and wellbeing in a wholesome way.
Whatever life form you see around, from a microbe to a worm, to an insect, to a bird, to an animal, to a tree, to a plant every one of them is with this intention – they want to be something more than what they are right now. That intention creates a kind of consecration of its own; it creates a certain sacredness of its own. Such a collective and common intention makes the place consecrated with phenomenal energy, which makes the place exceptionally overflowing with sacredness and divinity.
What we call as nature is nothing but a crammed state of divinity. It's through nature ,divine expresses.
-Earth has music, for those who listen..
Wondering about the miraculous wonders of nature, the tiny feet learnt to walk upon it. No one told about those delightful rains, we never read about the still sky and twinkling stars. Still the eyes glowed with amazement. Walking through years and ages of life, this amazement tumbled down, rain became just a rain! , sunrise became a usual story!.. It is simply because, the minds became too loud to hear the music of silence of nature.
A natural space has a power to create immense mental poise. It brings about a right kind of balance and stillness in mind. Which helps in keeping the bustles of the mind right away to completely involve yourself with nature.

Tanya Kumar