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Yoga by Evolution: Creating the basic structure for your well being!

This will create the very fabric which has the capacity to transform you. This transformation is the real evolution to be experienced on the level of body, mind and energies. A few days before you arrive, we will make you do a warm up task to explore yourself in some depth and prepare the ground to experience the change.

Let's Enjoy The Wonders of
Nature Together

The Process

The icebreaking sessions and other activities are held on arrival in order to induce a sense of togetherness and enhance focus level.

There are different effective modules that possess an ability to transform you completely but the body; mind and the energies are directed appropriately to get initiated into it. The first step involves cleansing processes called Shatkarmas and Virechan Kriyas.

The modules are coupled with various meditation sessions that enable you to create what you desire for in the life. These sessions address different aspects of your life.

All the eight limbs of yoga will be addressed in such a way that it becomes a part and parcel of your life. Various talks, captivating discussions, and videos will throw light on myriad secrets of life.

Trekking in the mountains, outdoor meditation, bonfire, story-telling and even bird watching with a focused spiritual angle will make you breathe and enjoy each moment differently for best.

Each step covered under any module selected is practised atleast thrice so that it seeps into your life and get assimilated completely.

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Evolution Retreats
Evolution Retreats

The Elements of Our Retreat

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Evolution Retreats
Evolution Retreats